Dr. John makes no apology for leaving you feeling unnerved, your inner being slightly shaken by his use of forces unseen and unheard of. Story telling magick experienced in the mind and soul.

His enigmatic and unfathomable obsession with the darker side drives him through life, bringing him closer than most to the strange and un-worldly souls that most would deem uncomfortable.

During his travels, he enlightens those of us who are fortunate to revel in mystery and wonderment. An exciting and sometimes slightly uncomfortable experience we would like to taste, but not take our fill.

Known as the 'Keeper of Arcane Lore' his knowledge and supernatural abilities are gleamed from his ancient texts and occult artefacts, privy only to those that dare to travel paths hidden in the darkest shadows of time long past.

Dr. John is thee experience not to be missed.

Dr John can cater for any type of event from an intimate dinner party to a large corporate banquet. He has performed for many different events and organisations from Gothic Societies, corporate events organisers, charity organisations, wedding receptions through to individuals seeking something a little different for their dinner party. Clients include:-Twist and Shout, Creative Forum, Voluptica, Smarts Jewellers, Finishing Post Creative, Leicester City Football Club, Q Broadcast TV Studios and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Dr John has even performed for an NBC production on Korean TV and was asked to appear on Channel 4's `The Salon` for their halloween special.